History of the Future is a comedy troupe from Hartford, Connecticut. We specialize in surreal longform improvised comedy, though we play around in many different comedic mediums. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter @hotfcomedy.

About Us image placeholder 160x160Sarah Babski is thrilled to be a member of History of the Future! Sarah has been on stage since she was young, singing and performing musical theater. However, she is psyched to be delving more into improvisation for a change! When not improvising, you can find her at home writing sketches, cooking, spoiling her cat, or deciding which form of a potato she would like to eat next (mashed, baked, fried, ITS SO HARD TO CHOOSE).
About Us image placeholder 160x160Crystal Bezzini: is ecstatic to join History of the Future! She has experience as a stand-up comedienne, sketch writing and as an improviser with Sea Tea Comedy Theater in Hartford…and is ready to dive into the role of a Histie Fuchy! When not pursuing comedic endeavors, she can be found educating the youth of America in her happy little Kindergarten classroom during the day and singing 80s love ballads to her cats at night. Also, she thinks black jelly beans are the best. Don’t judge.
About Us image placeholder 160x160Brooke Ferguson: ever the optimistic goofball. Relying on her penchant for silly characters and making things as awkward as possible, her improv style is sure to be entertaining to say the least. A former member of Laughterhouse Five and CCSU's Schlock Therapy, and a current Teaching Artist at New Britain Youth Theater, Brooke surrounds herself with all things theatrical.
About Us image placeholder 160x160Kevin Panko is studying to be a comedy researcher. He spends much of his time watching Netflix and being asked if he's still watching it.
About Us image placeholder 160x160As the team's resident fidget and blinking enthusiast, Ed Richters works hard to yes-and the hell out of anything that comes his way. Always the improv pirate, Ed sails the choppy seas in search of bold choices and zany characters.
About Us image placeholder 160x160Kevin Sullivan has improvised as a part of several troupes including Tick Tick BOOM!, Damn Fools, Just Like Kevin, Robot Love and is a regular addition to the cast of Franklin's Peaches. He writes and produces sketches as well. Other interests include video production, building objects and cats.
About Us image placeholder 160x160Noah Toth was History of the Future's resident misanthrope whose name is half rejection, half pensive reconsideration. When not improvising, he's scouring Tinder for the last semblance of human love or doing stand-up.
About Us image placeholder 160x160Topher Polack is a proud alumnus of the 'Yale for Everyone' summer camp (class of '96). He throws a mean fastball and puts information about himself on thediversion.com.
About Us image placeholder 160x160Cat Shehan was raised by wolves in the northernmost region of Greenland. She emigrated to this country legally and used improv comedy to supplement her true passion, photographing fish ladders.